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Escape Room Psychology Escape Room Psychology

Although being locked in an escape room with just 60 minutes to escape may feel like a life or death situation, it's certainly not. But the relentlessly ticking clock, along with the unfamiliar surroundings, may lead you to convince yourself otherwise. In truth, all escape rooms do have a realistic urgency, which coupled with the immersive gameplay, really does give the sensation that a negative o

More Tips And Tricks To Win Escape Room Games More Tips And Tricks To Win Escape Room Games

We previously wrote an article on tips and tricks to win escape room games, and now we thought we'd follow up with Part 2.If you're already a veteran at playing escape room games, many of these may seem obvious. But if you're new to the whole escape room game genre, then these tips may make the difference between winning and losing. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it.

The Team Building Strengths Of Escape Rooms The Team Building Strengths Of Escape Rooms

For nearly all businesses, their profitability is key to their very survival. That means it’s the employees who have control and can either make or break the whole enterprise. You’ve probably all come across a business where the employees look like they're just dialing it in. They are merely going through the motions with one eye on the clock, appearing to be totally disengaged and bored.

A Brief History Of Escape Rooms A Brief History Of Escape Rooms

If you're reading this article then there’s a very good chance that you know I definitely know about escape rooms already. They are real-life puzzle adventures where the team of players is locked in a room and they need to look for clues and solve riddles in order to escape before their time is up. It's an interesting concept, but many people ask where the idea came from? The truth is that they ha

Escape Room Board Games Escape Room Board Games

Here at ExitTheRoom, escape rooms games are our lifeblood. Not only do we have a huge number of games available, but also our Games Masters are all experts and have played all types of games across both Europe and the United States. Being fans of  the genre, they are also constantly monitoring new escape room board games as they appear on the marketplace. Though many of the social distancing restr

Wacky Things That happen In Escape Rooms Wacky Things That happen In Escape Rooms

At ExitTheRoom our Games Masters are kept busy thanks to the popularity of our escape room games, both in real settings and being played virtually. One question that often comes up is how difficult is it to monitor the games and keep up with the teams and their queries as they try to escape? It's often the case that in the excitement of the gameplay, the teams can forget everything as their minds

Tips & Tricks To Win Escape Room Games Tips & Tricks To Win Escape Room Games

Being an escape room company, it's no surprise that we have a huge number of tips and tricks to help players achieve a possible 90% escape room escape rate. This is based on the rooms that we see customers come to play here at ExitTheRoom. We've broken these tips down into teamwork categories to help you solve all the puzzles and clues efficiently, allowing you and your team to achieve the satisfa

What to Do When You Get Stuck in an Escape Room What to Do When You Get Stuck in an Escape Room

The Game Masters at ExitTheRoom have seen every type of team and every type of player. We love to hear the excited buzz coming from a team who are on a roll and doing well, solving all the puzzles, and finding all the clues as they come across them. On the other hand, there will be many times when a player or team is stumped by either a single clue or puzzle, or a series of them.

Virtual Escape Rooms for Remote Teams Virtual Escape Rooms for Remote Teams

The relentless march of the Covid-19 virus has caused a seismic shift in all aspects of life, including the way we now look at work. With the introduction of social distancing, many employees have been forced to work from home. Of course, this also has a huge number of benefits, especially in commuting time saved, as well as the quality of life.

What is a Virtual Reality Escape Room? What is a Virtual Reality Escape Room?

If you've ever played in a real brick and mortar escape room game then you probably remember the experience very well. How the excitement and stress mount as the clock ticks down the time and you struggle with those last few clues. Then there is another type of gaming which is completely different, in that it makes use of technology and nothing else. Maybe you've been to a games arcade and tried o

Escape Room Marketing To The Public Escape Room Marketing To The Public

Digital marketing has had a huge effect across many businesses. And that includes the escape room industry. According to the booking system, Xola, around 63% of the booking revenue is generated by the average escape room directly from its website. We would suggest that in the age of digital media, and especially social media reviews, it's essential to have a professional and wide web presence. 

Are Escape Rooms Scary? Are Escape Rooms Scary?

This is a very common question. The idea that you find yourself locked in a small, semi-dark room, battling against a time limit in order to escape. Add to the fact that many escape rooms have an interesting, and often slightly creepy backstory, as well as themes including murder and horror. Knowing all of this, then it's no surprise that having a slight fear of playing an escape room game is comm


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