Remote Team Building Escape Rooms

If the player won't come to the escape room, the escape room must go to the player. The newest generation of escape games is ready to welcome your teams for an unforgettable online experience. Join us with up to 200 players and strengthen the bond between your team members in a 60-minute game. Our game masters can't wait to guide you through the puzzles and clues of one of our many rooms. Customize your experience with us to fit the needs of your team perfectly.

Online Team Building

High quality team building program with no physical contact. Enjoy the limitless experience that Exit The Room Online has to offer, now in numerous languages. Engage your remote team members when they struggle to feel connected. Teams can join our on-site game master through video conferencing software and enjoy our high-quality physical rooms from the comfort of their home. Does your team consist of international members hundreds or thousands of miles away? Do they simply have to stay at home due to the pandemic? Connect them in a game of escape room to lighten the mood, form bonds and improve numerous skills necessary for efficient teamwork.

Online Escape Room Teambuilding
Online Escape Room Teambuilding

Teamwork makes the dream work

Every team faces their own set of challenges and overcoming these through joint efforts contributes the most to good teamwork and boosted morale. Quick and efficient cooperation is a must for every successful team, but one must utilize every member's skills in the most optimal way and—more importantly—offer non-stop motivation. And nothing boosts morale and motivation better than a game together! Play an escape room with your team to reveal hidden, undiscovered skills and traits. The time limit and the artificially generated stressful stiuations in an escape room will motivate everyone to make decisions quickly and cooperate on a whole new level. Beat the timer and reach your goal together.

Challenge for the inidividual, success for the team

Besides its community bonding ability, escape games also improve problem solving capabilities regarding both the organization and the workflow. Improving communication and conflict solving skill in a playful way might tip the scales in favor of success. Escape games help people develop abilities and attittudes required for successful business operations. Escape rooms improve cooperation, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, risk taking, concentration, confidence, optimism and the ability to read character. All these stand behind why we recommend escape games as the new and exciting form of team building.

Online Escape Room Teambuilding

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