Remote Team Building Escape Rooms

If you're looking for a team building exercise that let's you participate from anywhere in the world, then we have the perfect answer. There are any number of online escape rooms to choose from. But here at Exit The Room we offer the newest generation of online escape rooms. Able to accommodate up to 200 players, our remote team building escape rooms offer a unique experience over the course of a 60 minute game. All of our exercises can be customized to satisfy the needs and wants of any team or corporation that's playing. Unlike so many other online games providers, we actually have our own games masters. These are individuals who are following your every instruction within a real escape room setting. With a set time limit, each team will have to work together and share resources in order to reach their common goal. It's exciting. It's fun. And most of all, it'll bring out the qualities that every workplace team should be sharing on a daily basis.

Online Team Building

With so many colleagues working from home, Exit The Room offers a fantastic means whereby they can all come together for a common cause. Using remote video conferencing software, everyone can join in from anywhere. During this period of Covid-19, it's incredibly important that all members of any business feel connected. Both to their business and to each other. With so many workers now in lock-down, it's important to address issues of mental health. To that end, playing a game which requires the involvement of everyone, is a great means of strengthening bonds, reaffirming friendships and having a blast. Apart from online team building, it's equally important that all participants feel involved and useful. When it comes to escape room team building experience, we have a proven track record of a decade of offering these games. So let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to organising your team building excercise. It's what we do best!

Online Escape Room Teambuilding
Online Escape Room Teambuilding

Teamwork makes the dream work

The remote team building escape rooms are all individually designed to keep even the most ardent fans of Sherlock Holmes entertained. There are any number of brain racking clues and obscure puzzles to be solved as your team navigates it's way through their chosen environment. These have been designed to allow each team member to use their particular individual skills. With the clock counting down the minutes, there's a feeling of frantic urgency. But at the same time, this needs to be coupled with the desire to remain calm, in order to fully understand the conundrums you're facing. To that end, online team building requires that you must work together as a whole, whilst offering continuous motivation, as your team moves quickly and efficiently towards their goal.

In a Team Everyone Matters

Remote team building escape rooms are the perfect solution to pulling all your colleagues into one central activity. By their very nature, escape rooms create problem solving results. Through virtual team building they promote clear communication, and allow all team members to cooperate and move forwards as one cohesive unit. And when it's done, there's that warm glow of pride that comes from both the team's success and that fact that each member was able to contribute on an individual level, to the eventual result. And that's a great feeling!

Online Escape Room Teambuilding

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