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First Metaverse Escape Room Launched First Metaverse Escape Room Launched

With the concept of the metaverse now enjoying its days of sun thanks mainly to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook rebranding, it's not surprising to see how the concepts are affecting all sorts of real world businesses. And this of course includes escape room games. By allowing people to play using either AR or VR, then a new dimension to buy into the gameplay becomes available.

Could You Survive In A Sealed Escape Room? Could You Survive In A Sealed Escape Room?

It seems to be a staple on the menu of virtually every escape room game where you trapped somewhere, and the air will run out within 60 minutes, unless you manage to escape. This can be escaping from a submarine or if you're locked in the safe room of a house. Or even as a crew member of a space station which is slowly leaking oxygen. We would suggest that this premise is so familiar that almost e

Team Building Types of Teams Team Building Types of Teams

If you take a group of individuals, and find a common base between the, whether attitudes, perceptions or goals, then that’s how a team is formed. Within the team, the ideal situation is that all members can contribute equally. This way, they are able to accomplish complicated tasks and achieve the team's predefined objectives.

Escape Rooms and Mental Health Escape Rooms and Mental Health

Stress is an unfortunate byproduct of our fast-moving modern lives. This can apply to both our home lives and our work. Having to deal with colleagues, management and projects, it's quite similar in terms of stress to dealing with very small children. Along with having to pay the mortgage, finding the money to pay the bills and putting food on the table, life can be extraordinarily difficult. It's

Real Examples of Great Teamwork Real Examples of Great Teamwork

Being a gigantic corporation, the international prize that Google has been obsessed with for years, was finding ways to compile the “perfect team.” Using a huge number of analytical tools over the last decade or so, as well as investing millions of dollars, Google has been measuring nearly every aspect of their workers' lives.

So What Does An Escape Room Games Master Actually Do? So What Does An Escape Room Games Master Actually Do?

When you're out one evening having drinks with a group of friends and a stranger asks about your job, you probably will not be surprised to see the blank look on their face when you say the words “Games Master.” Now, most people have heard of a Jedi Master, but for many people, particularly over a certain age, they will have no idea about what type of job you do.

How Safe Is Your Escape Room Game? How Safe Is Your Escape Room Game?

If you're going to be booking an escape room game in a real brick and mortar building then you’ll probably take it for granted that you shouldn't need to worry about your own safety.  After all, the business of escape rooms is to let the teams and players have fun and they should be solely focused on solving the puzzles and riddles at hand. Nevertheless, for any escape room business, it's a major

Movies for Escape Room Fans Movies for Escape Room Fans

If you happen to be both a movie fan and a fan of escape rooms, then we have a corker of a movie list for you. The following films will feature at least one character who is stuck in a location or room, and trying to get out. Many of these movies will also include puzzles or there may be mysteries to solve or unravel. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at movie genres, most m

The Best Escape Room Games To Play At Home The Best Escape Room Games To Play At Home

When you're playing a real life brick-and-mortar escape room game, then there's nothing quite like the unique pleasure you get from being trapped in a small, dingy and cramped room. Working your way around the space, peering underneath objects, and trying to lift anything that's not tied down. Looking for strings and hoping they are attached to out of reach keys. Or simply juggling the dials on a

Escape Room Psychology Escape Room Psychology

Although being locked in an escape room with just 60 minutes to escape may feel like a life or death situation, it's certainly not. But the relentlessly ticking clock, along with the unfamiliar surroundings, may lead you to convince yourself otherwise. In truth, all escape rooms do have a realistic urgency, which coupled with the immersive gameplay, really does give the sensation that a negative o

More Tips And Tricks To Win Escape Room Games More Tips And Tricks To Win Escape Room Games

We previously wrote an article on tips and tricks to win escape room games, and now we thought we'd follow up with Part 2.If you're already a veteran at playing escape room games, many of these may seem obvious. But if you're new to the whole escape room game genre, then these tips may make the difference between winning and losing. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it.

The Team Building Strengths Of Escape Rooms The Team Building Strengths Of Escape Rooms

For nearly all businesses, their profitability is key to their very survival. That means it’s the employees who have control and can either make or break the whole enterprise. You’ve probably all come across a business where the employees look like they're just dialing it in. They are merely going through the motions with one eye on the clock, appearing to be totally disengaged and bored.


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