The Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas


With Sin City being one of the major entertainment hubs in the United States, it's no surprise that they're a huge number of escape room games to be played. When you finish at the gaming tables of the casino resorts, but haven't spent all your bankroll, then get yourself to an escape room. After all, you’ll find that it offers a totally different ambience from the casino. And though there’s no money to be won, there’s still the great feeling of excitement, satisfaction and triumph that comes from beating the clock.

How Much Do Escape Rooms Cost In Las Vegas?

Much will depend on how many of you are booking escape room at the same time. But as a given, you should allow for around $35 - $40 per person. But do keep in mind that that price can rise considerably if you have a very small group. It's interesting to note that the prices haven't really moved to great deal since 2018, in spite of having just reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s The Minimum Age For Escape Rooms in Las Vegas?

All escape rooms in the city that never sleeps have an age limit with minimum age being 12 years old. All kids under the age of 16 require adult supervision. Having said that, the Saw Escape Room has a minimum of age requirement of 16 years, which considering the horror scenarios to be found within the rooms, is no great surprise. Because age related policies will differ from escape room to escape room, we suggest that you always check the company's FAQs on their webpage or telephone them directly prior to booking.

The Best Escape Rooms In Las Vegas

By putting escape room businesses in some sort of order, and then claiming one as being the best, makes our elbow itch. That's because, judging an escape room is purely subjective. There may well be certain types of rooms which an individual takes an adversion to simply because of the type of game being played. To kick off, and at the same time simplify our categorization, we thought it best to put the types of games into three different headings:

Action: The gameplay requires some physical crawling and/or climbing.
Adventure / Thriller: This game is an absolute adrenaline rush.
Puzzles: The type of game focuses on the mental challenges.

Also, we decided that it might be good idea to divide the games into three levels of scariness. These are; not scary at all, kinda spooky and very scary.

When it comes to actually booking the games, take note that “public” booking means that the escape room company may add strangers to your game. In contrast, a “private” booking is exclusive for those who have booked the room. It's also important to take note of the team size, the duration of the game and the basic price per person. Keep in mind that all the escape rooms we've reviewed here range from “friendly” though to “quite scary.” Most of these rooms are situated just off the Las Vegas Strip. However the Escape Game is actually on the strip, among the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Casino.

The Cabin – Number One Escape Room

Details: 2-6 players, Private, 60 minutes, $40
Genre: Adventure / Thriller – Spooky

This is a sort of “Cabin in the Woods” type game. As such, it’s set design, along with the overall atmosphere, create a great mood. You'll find the rooms laid out in such a way that they allow you to anticipate what the next play of the game will be. At the same time, this helps create a sense of progression.The main issue is that the atmospheric choices tend to slow down puzzle solving. In fact, focussing on some portions of the game, you need to solve puzzles with a flashlight as, as the room will be incomplete darkness. With some puzzles being relatively complex, we recommend that the minimum team size is at least two people.

Prison Break - Escape Games

Details: 2-8 players, Public/private, 60 minutes, $40
Genre: Puzzle – Not Scary

Virtually every escape room in existance will have a prison escape room.This rendition from Escape Games isn't bad at all. All the puzzles and clues are thematic and a great deal of effort has going into making the room feel as authentic and convincing as possible. You'll find some lead to developments within the rooms, just like within the other games that the Escape Games offer. The only downside to the whole experience is that you may feel a little disappointed if you've played other prison escape game rooms, as all the puzzlesI will seem very familiar. Interestingly enough, this is one of the only escape room games you'll find on the actual Strip itself. It’s situated amongst the Forum shops at the Caesars Palace Casino. Another interesting aspect to the games is that it offers a split start. This means that your team can be split up and will need to find a way to reunite halfway through the game

Ultimate Heist – Rush to Escape

Details: 2-4 players, Private, 60 minutes, $35
Genre: Action – Not Spooky

Being a very small team experience game, we found that the Ultimate Heist is best suited for couples or small groups of just two people. This is very physical gameI. In fact, for the vast majority of the time, you and your teammates will find yourselves climbing and crawling. So you need a certain level of fitness, otherwise your body might complain and that you want to put off the Ultimate Heist. Nevertheless, the physical aspects of the game are great deal of fun. In the beginning, you receive a loaded tool kit to get you going. As this is a special game, we found that it's best played as a couple or with another small group of two people. That's because the space is very limited. If there were any more people then they would either be standing around idly or they'd actually get in the way physically. You might expect some players to complain after the game, that they feel the rooms are too raw and undecorated. And that perhaps they would prefer more effort was put into the overall look of the game. Nevertheless, we didn’t find that it distracted from an excellent gameplay. 

The Official SAW Escape Room

Details: 4-10 players, Public/private, ~70 minutes, $60
Genre: Adventure / Thriller – Spooky

The first thing to say is that this is a massive expansive adventure which takes place over a number of escape rooms. Each of these has its own unique collection of puzzles and clues. Based on the horror series of movies from James Wan and Leigh Whannell, and featuring the character of “Jigsaw”, the set design is amazing and certainly one of a kind. If you're holding a bachelor or a bachelorette party, then this is the experience you'd be waiting for. Though the puzzles in themselves are relatively a simple, they are also frustratingly obtuse. Another aspect that's interesting is that each separate room has its own timer, and regardless of whether you finished the puzzles or not, you'll get a escorted to the next room. Keep in mind that when you're playing at the Saw Escape Room, that it's one of a number of Las Vegas escape rooms that's working with public bookings. Meaning that you could be thrown together with total strangers. In which case, you might want to upgrade to the premium service, which includes a private gaming experience just for you and your group.. 

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The Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas The Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

With Sin City being one of the major entertainment hubs in the United States, it's no surprise that they're a huge number of escape room games to be played. When you finish at the gaming tables of the casino resorts, but haven't spent all your bankroll, then get yourself to an escape room.

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