Controlling a Live
Person Game Master!

Players can join in the live video stream game from anywhere in the world through any device, even from different continents. Play with the team together, controlling a live person game master located at the physical escape room with a camera connected, and by controlling the game master, your team can enjoy solving the game in the usual 60 minute adventure!

Online Escape Room Teambuilding
Online Escape Room Teambuilding

Can be played from anywhere in the World

Remote Escape Rooms are a perfect team building innovation that was introduced in the March of 2020, so we can say it is one of the freshest teambuilding opportunity there is! This new type of escape game can be played from anywhere in the world, by anyone, and you can choose as many games as you want, hosted all around the globe! Doesn’t it sound great? Companies are already loving it, and it will be one of the coolest trends of the upcoming years.

Basic or Premium?
The Choice is Yours!

Basic icon
by Zoom meeting
£ 109 /Game
119 /Game
$ 139 /Game
  • Play form the comfort of your home
  • Group chat
  • Software download required
  • One-hour fun with your remote friends
Basic skin
Premium skin
Premium icon
by Twilio
£ 119 /Game
129 /Game
$ 154 /Game
  • Everything in basic +
  • Play directly from your browser
  • Shared notes
  • Custom game skins
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Online Escape Rooms

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How can We help?

How does it work?
The online escape room gives you the opportunity to try the new generation of escape games - without leaving your home. The Remote Escape Room brings you and your friends an unlimited experience of getting together without violating the social distancing principles. Connect online and you will immediately find yourself in the escape room of your choice. We will have a game master on site who will act as your eyes and ears, she/he will follow precisely your instructions to walk around the escape room and with the help of a webcam, you will see exactly the same settings as her/him. Find clues, figure out the connections and solve the puzzles. You will need a strong team and members will join the game online to work together as a team to face the challenges of the escape room. Get ready for the unexpected and experience this fun adventure!
What do you need to play the game online?
To play the game, you will need first of all good Internet connection, as well as a device with a camera and microphone (this can be a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). - The game will be activated by the game master about 10 minutes before the start, after this you can log in - Best to use a headset so that you and your teammates are not distracted by external sounds- The game can also be played on a phone, but a PC or laptop provides a better experience thanks to the larger screen - If you have several types of internet at home (wifi / 4g / cable) be sure to use the best quality for the game, as the streaming means a lot of data traffic
How many people can play at the same time?
The ideal number of players is 2-6 people.
What kind of internet do i need for the play?
The faster the better. With a connection that allows uninterrupted video chatting, the game will also run smoothly. Due to the high data traffic, it is worth connecting through wifi rather than mobilnet.
I don't have a webcam. Can i play without it?
Yes. Your own webcam only there to broadcast you to the other players during the game. It's easier to communicate with, but you can enjoy the game without it.
Can more people play on one equipment or phone?
If you are at the same place, of course. On the other hand, online escape rooms also give you the opportunity to play with your distant acquaintances and friends.
Do i need to install any software for the game?
No. The escape room will send you a link that you can click to join the stream and the game.
How much it takes to play an online game?
An online game takes 60 minutes to play.
How can I pay?
You have the option of paying with Sofort Banking or PayPal.
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Online Escape Room Games

If You can't go to an escape room, the escape room will go to You. The online escape room allows you to try the newest generation of escape games - even without leaving your home. We bring You and Your friends an extensive experience. Connect online and You’ll find yourself in a real-life escape room.

In an online escape room, the game master on site will act as your eyes and ears. She/he will follow precisely your instructions to walk around the escape room, and with the help of a webcam, you will see the same settings as her/him. Find clues, figure out the connections, and solve the puzzles, just like in a regular escape room!