Prison Online

The steel door slams shut behind you. You hear the key turning in the lock. The guard turns away, jangling the keys. His footsteps grow faint as they echo down the empty corridor. A distant door closes. Then a cold gloomy silence. You call out, but no one answers. You're all alone. Why are you here? You've done nothing wrong. Sitting on the edge of the cold iron bed frame, you look around. The dim light shows the prison cell is filthy. Now you notice old furniture and objects in the cell. You resolve to find a way out of here. But you'll need to hurry before the guards return. Read more...

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun
Prison break
Prison break

Reviews of Prison online escape room

We played it as a teambuilding activity from the home office. It was fun, we had a good time.
The room looks more realistic in-game than the pictures of the site. The game was good, the puzzles were hard but fun.
There were some issues with the connections at the start but we managed the fix it. The game was fun and the game master was very kind.
Prison Break was my favorite series, thanks for letting me escape from a prison, this is going to be my new hobby! Do you have a second prison game? I am sure we would be able to escape in 20 minutes from the same one now ;)
Csx nova
Brillinat idea, was kind of getting owerwhelmed with RPGs, so this was refreshing. Nice to see the real people you are playing with :)

Prison storyline

I can hear my voice echoing as we pass down the dirty dimly lit tiled corridor. Everything is filthy. The smell overpowering.
"Look, for the hundredth time, it wasn't me. You've got the wrong guy." The result is that the two prison guards marching on either side of me tighten their grip on my arms. Looking down, I can see my hands, handcuffed together. We round another corner and stop. We're standing in front of a cell door at the end of a dark corridor. One of the guards steps forwards and inserts a huge key and the heavy iron door swings open. The smell of human waste makes me gag. The guard besides me, swings me around and quickly removes the cuffs. Before I can protest, I feel a shove in my back and I'l propelled into the tiny room. The door clangs shut. Suddenly I'm alone surrounded by filth and total silence.

Sitting on the edge of the bed's cold frame, time passes. Without a clock or window, it's possible that hours have gone by. I stand up to stretch my now aching legs. Scrawled above the bed there's a primitive day count scratched into the wall. I walk over to the bars of the door and hold my breath to listen. Nothing. I bang the door and shout. My voice echos down the empty corridor. There's no response. Only a deep and foreboding silence. I struggle to keep down the feeling of rising panic. Why are there no other prisoners? Where have they taken everyone? Why I am I alone here?

I resolve to do my very best to escape. My eyes fall on a backgammon board resting on the tiny table. Then I see that there are three lockers in the room. For some reason they are all padlocked shut. I start to search the cupboards above the table and the bedside cabinet. Maybe there's more to this cell than meets the eye. Maybe if I'm clever, patient and persistent, I can make all these object's work for me and find a means to escape.