How can we help?

How does it work?
Live Avatar Online Escape Room gives you the opportunity to try the new generation of escape games, without leaving your home. This Remote Escape Room adventure brings you and your friends an unlimited experience of getting together without violating the social distancing principles. We will have a game master as your avatar on site who will act as your eyes and ears during the game, that's why it's a live unique experience. She/he will follow your instructions to walk around the room and with the help of a webcam, you will see exactly what she sees. Find clues, figure out the connections and solve the puzzles. You will need a strong team who will join the game online as well to work together as a team to face the challenges of the escape room. Get ready for the unexpected and experience of this fun adventure!
What do you need to play the game online?
To play the game, you will need great internet connection, as well as a device with a camera and microphone (this can be a PC or a laptop). The game will be activated by the game master approximately 10 minutes before the start. Then you can log in through the game link that you can find in the confirmation email. Best to use a headset so that you and your teammates are not distracted by external sounds.
How many people can play at the same time?
The ideal number of players is 2-6, but we allow teams of up to 12.
What's the recommended internet speed?
The faster the better. With a connection that allows uninterrupted video chatting, the game will also run smoothly. Due to the high data traffic, it is worth connecting through wi-fi rather than mobile internet.
I don't have a webcam. Can I play without it?
Yes, having a webcam only enhances the social factor of the game. It might be easier to communicate, but the game is just as enjoyable without one.
Do I need to install any software for the game?
Yes, before the game you would need to install ZOOM. Don’t worry it’s a free program. Other than that you don’t need to install anything else.
How long does it take to play an online game?
A live-avatar online game takes 60 minutes to play. Plus, about 10 minutes for introduction and saying goodbye.
How can I pay?
We primarily use Stripe, where you can pay with your credit card safely.