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Generate income now on your website
with your own branded
Live-Avatar Online Escape Rooms
created and operated by us - Without
any investment or work from you!
We solve everything!
Outsourcing at its best!

Earn 40-60 EUR/game with nothing to do! Outsourcing Live-Avatar Online Escape Rooms with us is fast, easy and free. We have created a system (website, booking, game interface) that can be fully integrated into your own website highligted with your brand. We operate these games for you from beggining to end, and we do it with an experience guarantee.

Customers will stick with your brand all the way, as if you had expanded your own portfolio with new games and services, but you don’t have to do anything at all! You only need to generate traffic from your already existing visitors, and receive half the income. Time zones will not be a problem, because we already operate the English games around the clock.

Developing your business has never been so easy!

Zoom Zoom compatible
Skype Skype compatible
Teams Teams compatible

Our Partners

Largest American escape room chain
32 cities over 250 games
First ever Escape room franchise
14 locations in 7 countries
Largest Canadian escape room chain
15 cities over 70 games
Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner

What Does it Look Like?

From the first to the last steps
everything works as if it was your own
service on your own website.

How does it look like?

By handing you an extension to your
existing system, your customers
will continue to play under your branding
from the first step to the last.

How About Quality?

More than 10K satisfied players
from all over the world have played
live-avatar online escape games with us since March!

Review rate
"The games were super fun and
the game masters were fantastic!"
Review rate
"A must do teambuilding activity this season
and the perfect Xmas gift, it's covid proof!"
Review rate
"A delightful new product
in the escape room industry"
World Of Escapes
Review rate
"Fantastic puzzle flow
with lots of fun discoveries"
Escape Authority
Review rate
"The live-avatar online escape games can deliver the fun of
escape room and they can deliver it anywhere!"
Review rate
"Very good themes and stories,
with great room design"

See our demo spot

See WhatCulture's full
in-game video

Your New Escape Games
Hosted by Us

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How Does it Work?

Regular Player's Process

Regular Player's Process

Team Building Process

Team Building Process

How to Start?

with us and send your logo to hello@exitheroom.com,
so we can start setting up everything. In just 24 hours you will be able to start selling.

We will setup for you:
  • White label booking system with your brand and integratable into your own website
  • White label game interface with your brand and integratable into your own website
  • White label Confirmation email

We will also send you a creative package and some marketing experiences regarding this product for the start.
You do not need the contract to start, just the decision and 24 hours.

If you want to start with the contract,

Why work with us?

  • New fresh services with great feedback
  • Additional escape room products for your portfolio
  • Expand with no investment, no work and no risk
  • No cost at all, but you earn 50% of the revenue
  • The whole system can run on your own website. The customer will never leave it
  • Start in 24 hours without a contract, no commitments and walk away at anytime
  • 8 different themes (5 new ones coming up), all played with professional game masters.
  • We host Zoom, Teams, Skype compatible games around the clock
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a full refund
  • Product development since March. You can count on us as we plan for the long term
  • Cool creative publicity – you get a whole package to use
  • Become the market leader in just one day!

Get in touch to start

White-label FAQ

What exactly is the product and the offer?
From the beginning of the first lock-down in March 2020, we started developing live-avatar online escape rooms. In each location there's a "Games Master". He's controlled by the players, who can join the game from anywhere in the world via Zoom video conferencing. The whole experience is as close as you can get to a proper bricks and mortar escape room without actually being there in person. These live-avatar online escape games are exactly the same games you might of played in real time. They are perfect for between 2 - 6 players. The only difference is that we've upgraded them for a better online experience.

Since we've been developing both games and themes, we now have a roster of 13 different games falling under 8 different themes, with 5 brand new themed games coming soon. All the games are hosted in both English and German, with French and Spanish in the pipeline. Because we can operate these live-avatar online games 24/7, it means that the games can be booked and played at any time of the day or night.

In order to expand we would like to invite all escape room companies to join us with our white label partnership program. Essentially we will be hosting our escape room services for you. This will allow you to resell our games under your own brand, with us handling the whole process from beginning to end. You'll be able to quickly and efficiently expand your portfolio by adding new products to your existing range. This represents a massive income potential, and the great thing is that we do all the heavy lifting, and are very happy to do so :)

As far as pricing goes, we need 59,95 EUR per game. The games are sold for 119,9 EUR. So you'll receive 50% of the revenue, which is 59,95 EUR.

We are able to provide you with full system branding, including everything from the booking to the confirmation emails. We even have banners ready for your own site. Our aim is to streamline the whole process to make it comfortable and easy. Once the sales options are in front of your customers, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the profits.

As far as we can see, there are only upsides, with the program offering a win-win for both parties. Of course, if at any time and for whatever reason, you're free to stop offering our products whenever it suits you.

We are long term players in the escape room space, having been in the business continuously for over 12 years. With that experience we are able to bring the most cost efficient solutions to our reselling partners. Looking to the future, we are continuously developing new products as well as heavily investing in our own games and services. Because we like to look forwards, we believe that this new way of playing online will be with us long after Covid has passed. Maybe it will never be as popular as regular bricks and mortar live games, but it certainly represents an extra weapon in the armory. And, if done correctly, can really boost overall earnings.

Though your risk is absolutely minimal, you can certainly profit from our working together.
Where can we see an example that's already operational?
Here's the booking site for you to look at https://yourbrand.remoteescaperoom.com
The site interface works just as you see it. But remember that it will rebranded as your own!
The online Game interface can be seen at: https://yourbrand.remoteescaperoom.com/online-escape-rooms/bomb?demo
Right now it's a static site just for demo purposes as the game interface only gets activated once a game has started.
For an in-game video, please look at our spot on WhatCultures’ Youtube channel.
What does the booking process look like?
You can try the whole booking process here: https://yourbrand.remoteescaperoom.com/ - click on Book Now in the top menu, and simply follow the steps.

Your own booking site will look exactly the same as this. But with your own brand and your own unique URL. This can be https://yourbrand.remoteescaperoom.com as your own White Label site. Or we can also insert this White Label site into your own web page under any sub-domain you wish to choose. For more information click here.

Can this be integrated into our own website?

YES! These White Label Pages can be directed to any URL. This means you can also use it as your own websites’ sub-page on a sub-domain.
A sub-domain example is when your website is https://www.yourbrand.co.uk, with a sub-domain might be https://www.online.yourbrand.co.uk. This way customers will never have to leave your site.

This does takes some very minor work from your side:
1, You need to ask your domain host for a sub-domain. It can be called whatever you like. E.g. https://www.online.yourbrand.com

2, You have to ask your host to direct this sub-domain to the IP address that we give you. You'll receive this before you ask for the sub-domain, so you can complete these two tasks together.

3, We will set your new white label (re-branded) site to this sub-domain.

4, This process should be free and fast.

5, This sub-page will be hosted and maintained by us, so you don’t to bother with it.
How much does a game cost? How much does it have to be sold for?
Each English speaking online game costs 59,95 EUR. For this price we solve everything and you don't have to do anything at all.
Games are sold for 119,9 EUR each.
Your commission is 59,95 EUR. All you have to do is offer this product as a newly developed option next to your already existing service menu. We are happy to have taken on the development and equally happy to share the profits. There is no work or investment required from your end.
You have the possibility to give discounts to your customers. For this you'll receive discount codes of 10% /20%/ 30% from us at the start. Don’t forget we need 59,95 EUR/game. So if you do decide to give discount codes, then it'll be coming out of your own commission.
As regular users (not Teambuildings) will purchase the games from us, then we take care of all the finance and you receive your commission from us on a monthly basis.
In the case of Teambuildings, you are free to give a higher price, since you are making the Teambuilding bookings yourselves. Because you only pay us the 59,95 EUR for the booking, you can ask for whatever amount you'd like. Our guideline is that 119,9 EUR is a nice price and at 59,95 EUR /game, that represents a pretty profit,. But the system allows you to make your own pricing decisions. You know your own market best.
You'll also receive the 59,95 EUR Teambuilding booking codes at the start, thereby allowing you to start promoting Teambuilding exercises right away.
This means that Teambuildings can be sold by you to your partner companies, as you are arranging their Teambuildings, along with making their bookings in the booking system, and all with the 59,95 EUR pricing. You'll receive Teambuilding tickets at the start. Everything else is handled by us.
How do I get my commission and track the bookings?
After a regular game booking, you'll receive a copy of the confirmation email right away, allowing you to follow the bookings real time. You'll receive your commission on a monthly basis. In case your traffic is at a level where it becomes practical to have more frequent invoicing for your commission, well, we're happy to solve that problem when we come across it.. The amount of your commission is the sales price minus 59,95 EUR. So, in a regular game, that's 119,9 minus 59,95 = 59,95 EUR.

Teambuildings are arranged by you, so you receive the income from your partner companies, and you make the booking with the 59,95 EUR ticket. This means that you receive the money right away, at whatever price you are selling for and any amount above 59,95 EUR is yours from that moment.
Every game that you arrange and pay with the Teambuilding code, will be treated as a Teambuilding game. We'll leave it to you to decide what you class as "Teambuilding". It maybe a birthday party, a bachelor party or just 2 people from a small company. It's your call.
What languages can the game be played in?
The Live-Avatar Online Escape Rooms are hosted in English and German. These languages are available through the whole process.
If you would like to recommend any new languages please contact us below

How many live-avatar online games are there, and how many can be played at once?

We have 6 English games that can be played in parallel 24/7. They are: Madness, Bomb, Zombie Apocalypse, Prison, Japan and Aztec
We have 7 games in German which can also be played in parallel. 2 Zombie Apocalypse, 2 Murder, Wizard, Voodoo School and Bomb. These games are playable in English too.
We have 5 new games on offer: Portal, The Matrix, Cold War Crisis, The Diamond Heist and Legacy of noo’Zaca which will be 24/7 playable English games.
So far, our largest Teambuilding was 11 games played at once, with 3 rounds hosting for 155 players. Soon we hope to handle larger teams as well. We have just booked a 3,000 person online conference where participants will be using these games for 3 days, 24/7. As you can see, our capabilities can effortlessly match every partners needs.
How to start ASAP?
Let us know that you're interested and would like to try this cooperation. Then send us your logo. We'll create your white label pages within 24 hours and send you a banner. You just have to place it on your website, and that’s it.
They say that time is money. And in these hard times every day of delay can make a difference to our bottom line. That's why we're okay with starting without contracts and complicated discussions. Let's just get this cooperation up and running. We are totally professional in our outlook (with great social feedback), and are certain of your satisfaction. We look forwards to setting up a long term and fruitful cooperation between each other.
What technical criteria do the games have?
Players can learn about the game's technical details through the FAQ's.
They will also receive a confirmation email right after booking. You will also receive a copy, so you can see the traffic generated by yourselves right away!
It will also contain the following information for players:

(Confirmation email part):

Our recommendations to prepare before the game:

The Games Master will grant you access to the game about 10 minutes before your start time in case you have any trouble with logging in.
You can reach the Games Master via email: gamemaster@remoteescaperoom.com.
Please download and set up Zoom (a free video-conferencing software) before the game.
Use Chrome as your web browser for the best experience.
Use a headset with a microphone so that you and your teammates will not be disturbed by external sounds. A web camera is not required to play the game.
We suggest that you use a desktop computer or laptop as the bigger screen will give a much more immersive experience.
Set up your screen to see both the video call and your game dashboard. Or switch between the two windows during the game. You can also use two screens, one for the video call and the other for the dashboard.

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