Do you remember your school days? Well, we hope that you still remember many of the things you were taught. That's because you'll find yourself locked in the classroom. There are nine different subjects with various puzzles to solve. These include a few of your old school favorites like Geography, Biology, Physics, Literature, Mathematics and, of course, Voodoo! Now you'll need all your ingenuity and creativity to find the clues and solve the puzzles, that'll ensure you pass the school test. You have 60 minutes. Fail it, then you'll remain in school forever. OK class, you may turn over your examination papers. Your exam starts now! Read more...

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of VOODOO SCHOOL online escape room

Sophisticated design, good tasks, and a very willing staff, it was super!
The playmaker was FANTASTIC today at 19:15! Thank you very much for your attitude, your encouragement! I'm glad we tried. I hope this sector succeeds, including you, because you deserve it !!! On behalf of all three of us, I can say thank you for the watch, and thank you for bringing innovation to these times !!! Good luck with your online expansion !!!
Wanna try it again&again&again...Really cool ;)


What a lovely feeling to think back to your school days. Running to catch the bus and excitedly meeting with all your friends. Every day was filled with fun and laughter. With your school satchel slung over one shoulder, you never had a single care in the world. Some days you'd go to to classes and other days you'd be bunking off. Remember Mondays seemed to last forever and Fridays flew by. Well, those wonderful days are long passed. But if you're feeling nostalgic, then we have a new and very different school experience for you. Something that'll make you pay attention. Welcome to Voodoo School.

At first it'll feel just like your old school. The classroom looks familiar with the blackboard and all the shelves lined with colorful text books. The tables and chairs scrawled with graffiti. The walls are covered with charts, maps and posters. Though at first it all seems so familiar, there's something that's sightly off, a distant feeling that's a little morbid and foreboding. You can't quite put your finger on it. The classes are almost the same. But the whole school year seems to be condensed into one hour. Somehow the tests and questions from subjects like physics and geography are not in the straightforward manner that you remember. They seem designed to trick you this time. Before this, all that was required was a simple answer. But now each answer seems to lead to yet another question, and each time it's a little harder. You can barely recall the answers from your school days, let alone answer these new conundrums and puzzles. But one thing is becoming abundantly clear. Getting the wrong answer now appears to have more serious consequences.

That's because, after a while, you begin to realize that your not alone in the classroom. There's either someone else in there with you, or something else lurking in the shadows. As you progress through the classroom activities, there's a feeling that this school wants to keep it's students there for much longer than the normal school day. There's a lonely malevolent presence that stalks the classroom. Like the spirit of some ungodly school teacher who is determined to make some of the students into more permanent company. Gradually you all begin to realize that these lessons have a darker subtext. When you finally reach the potions class, you can see that it's a voodoo ghost that stalks the classroom. Constantly on the lookout for mistakes and with the hellish punishment of being able to turn students into ugly animals. They'll then be forced to remain his companion forever, in the Voodoo School.