Madness Online

Test patients go in....but no one has ever come back out! Welcome to the mysterious and dark world of the deranged professor. Once famed for his psychiatric breakthroughs, he grew distrustful of those around him, and gradually withdrew from society. Slowly he descended into madness, with his penchant for experimenting on himself causing untold damage. But his methods remain closely guarded. Your job is to stealthily discover the morbid secrets of his laboratory. Time is against you and failure would mean facing an unknown and unwelcome fate at the hands of this mad genius. Read more...

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of Madness online escape room

It was the first online escape room, that we tried, and had a great time. Thanks. See You!
The connection wasn’t perfect, but the game master did her best, and all in all, it was even more fun than I’ve expected.
Great idea and awesome implementation. Going to try the other escape rooms as well.

Madness storyline

It's a hard pill to swallow. But we've just discovered that the local hospital has been sending unwell patients to a psychiatric lab up state. And once they've been put into the ambulance, then they and all their records simply disappear. No one at the regular hospital wants to talk about it. But someone did mention that a former professor now runs this hidden clinic...and the prognosis is not good.

For years Professor X was a respected scientist in the field of psychiatric medicine. But as time passed he became increasingly unpredictable. Only later did we discover he'd been doing diabolical experiments in secret. Using a mixture of untested modern chemicals, along with what appeared to be voodoo beliefs and practices, and the use of what appear to be medieval mechanical tools, he experimented both on himself and on subjects without permission, causing untold damage and suffering.

As he faced certain censure from the hospital, he gradually withdrew from public work and started spending more and more time in his own laboratory. As his delusions increased so did his appetite for self mutilation and torture. Rarely venturing out into the hospital during the day, he became a nocturnal creature, rarely seen. Some times patients were seen being escorted into his lab, though no one ever appeared to come out. On many a night security guard would be woken by a piecing scream. Knocking at the locked door of the lab would be met by a complete silence, even though the light would be on inside. And then one day, Professor X was gone. Just like that. Taking all his tools, assistants and research at the same time.

In the beginning no one knew where he'd gone. But, as luck would have it, people like to talk. And it wasn't long before ambulance drivers were overheard talking about an old and disused hospital up state where they would get extra money on the side for delivering sick patients. But they never entered the decrepit and foreboding building. Hunched and masked orderlies would appear from the darkened entrance and take the subjects directly from the back of the ambulance, leaving an envelope of cash behind.

Now the authorities have caught wind of his activities and want to know more. To that end they have approached your group to investigate further. Because they cannot technically give legal permission for you to enter, then you'll need to break in. Once inside, your job is to find out what's going on there. Examine everything in your path as you make your way through the lab. It's important that neither Professor X or any of his minions are able to detect your presence. He's unpredictable and has a never-ending need for subjects to experiment upon. Keep in mind that if you're caught then the authorities will deny all knowledge of you. In other words, you're all on your own.