Zombie apocalypse Online

The test tube containing a clear blue liquid virus accidentally slipped from the hand of the lab assistant and falls to the floor, shattering into thousands of pieces. Seconds later, the alarm sounds as the laboratory goes into automatic lock-down. But it was already too late, as the vapors are wafting throughout the building via the air conditioning. After falling where they stood, the workers slowly regain life. But not in human form. The virus has transformed them into mindless zombies. Somewhere in the lab complex is an antidote. With the help of your team, look for clues as to where it's kept. You have just one hour. Failure is not an option. Read more...

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun
Zombie apocalypse

Reviews of Zombie apocalypse online escape room

Perfect game in the COVID19 period. Find the antidote to prevent the spreading of the disease that convert humanity into zombies :) Good luck ya all!!
Danna C
We had a great time although the puzzles weren’t that hard. The game master told us after that it is the most easy escape room that they have. Maybe we try a harder one next.
Great idea and great game master! It was just like a real escape room. worth to try it
We had a very good time, done the game in less than 50 minutes so we can say we were more than professionals. Maybe we could offer our services to the world to stop the pandemic...
Lima prof
Nice game, nice setting, nice game master, nice 60 minutes.
Zombie hunter
What should I say, this was my theme :D
We had my boy’s birthday party, the game master was very professional with the kids, thank you Antonella!

Zombie apocalypse storyline

There were so many warnings, but no one paid any attention. Everyone could see that the protocols for handling deadly viruses were being constantly flouted. The workers in the lab were mostly untrained and didn't seem to care. There had never been any sort of emergency evacuation training. In short, the laboratory was a powder keg, waiting for a spark to set it off.

Instead of placing the test tube into the carrying tray, where it would be safe from knocks and falls, the young lab assistant picked up the test tube of clear blue liquid, and turned to walk from her work station over to the micro-biology section. Approaching the lab door, it was suddenly opened from the other side. And as it swung towards her, she instinctively put up her hand, only to have the test tube knocked from her fingers. Tumbling in slow motion, it fell to the tiled floor and shattered. Instantly sensors detected the accident and heavy steel blinds fell, completely covering the doors and windows, tightly sealing the lab.

The sudden crashing of the dropping blinds caused the lab workers to jump up from their work. After looking at each other, their eyes all slowly turned towards the lab assistant, lying on the floor by the doorway. She appeared to be dead. As one worker approached her, the body suddenly convulsed, as if shocked with electricity, with the limbs straining bizarrely and spreading out in all directions. The head was thrown back to an impossible position. Fingers clawed at the air. The eyes were black and lifeless. An ungodly guttural sound filled the room. The body slowly moved across the floor until it touched a table. The hands instinctively grabbed the table leg and proceeded to pull itself upright, until it stood, glowering at the others.

With screams the workers fell back into the furthest corner. Arming themselves with chairs and medical tools, they prepared themselves for battle. Without warning some of them started to fall to the floor, writhing and gurgling as the virus started to take over the whole room. In a matter of minutes all were consumed. Then with a hive-mind, that all moved in unison towards the door. Using their combined weight they pushed against the blind, until it gave way, and they poured out onto the corridor outside their lab. And now began the carnage, as these flesh hungry creatures started to flush out the workers and hunt them down.

All contact was lost. But we do know that the lab had developed an antidote. It's just that we have no way of knowing where it's stored. Getting a team together, we decide to try our luck and enter the lab complex. Hopefully there'll be enough clues left for us to be guided to the serum. But time is running out and with the whole complex now a zombie filled building, it's not going to be easy.