Aztec Online

The year is 1519 and you find yourself in the jungle near the Mexican capital city of Tenochtitlan, as a Spanish conquistador. You have already have heard the natives speak of the treasure of the Lost City of Gold. There the Emperor Tlatoani Montezuma has hidden jewels from his palace of Axayacati. And among them, the mythical Crystal Skull. But the city is not what it first seems. Not only must you decipher all the clues and puzzles, but it turns out that finding the treasure is only half the problem. The other half is how to escape with it. Buena suerte! Read more...

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of Aztec online escape room

Much better than the online escape games that I’ve tied before. It has a great atmosphere and you can interact with real people.
Danna C
It was the second room that we’ve tried and it was much harder than Zombie, but still succeed :)
Great innovation, thanks for the new experience! Good luck with Your online games!!
Escape Masters
I played about 20 or so online games already but this was the first where we were guiding a real person in the game. Such a blast! Definitely recommend for escape room enthusiasts!

Aztec storyline

Before you set off from the busy port of Barcelona, in every taverna and barra, everyone was talking about the treasures of the Aztecs. The sailors had spoken of cities made of gold and of a people who decorated themselves with fine rubies and emeralds. The conquistadors, led by Hernán Cortés, were bringing back ships from the Gulf of Mexico. They were laden with gold and precious gems for King Charles V and his Queen, Isabella. His soldier conquistadors received huge amounts of gold for their labours, unlike the soldiers of other adventurers and explorers. And here you were, dressed in light armour, about to board one of his ships. To sail to the New World as a conquistador, and discover all it's promised treasures.

After a hair raising voyage and an arduous trek across the jungle and mountains, you have finally arrived in the Mexican capital city of Tenochtitlan. But what was once a great city filled with wealth, has be stripped and broken by my master Hernán Cortés, leaving nothing for the new conquistadors. The huge pyramid in the city's centre has already been pillaged. Other Spanish soldiers tell that this structure was used for human sacrifices, with the spent bodies thrown down the steps to the base of the pyramid. One thing is now sure, the age of the Aztecs is over. And thanks to Hernán Cortés, there's nothing left to take.

Feeling down and dejected, you and your companions made your way down to the beach overlooking Lake Texcoco. Soon some local people came and sit with you. Before long, they have told of a great treasure that has been hidden from the Spanish for years. It was stored in the Palace of Axayacati. They are not sure if some Conquistadors have spirited it away. They promise to tell you where the "Crystal Skull" is hidden, if you all pay them some gold coins. But once they have the monies, they all turn and run away.

After talking with many locals, it appears that the Emperor Tlatoani Montezuma has hidden a great many treasures away from the Spanish. Many valuables were stored in secret compartments and rooms at his royal Palace of Axayacati. Of all these treasures, by far the most valuable is a Crystal Skull made entirely from one huge single gemstone. Of course, it didn't take long for Cortés's soldiers to find the whereabouts of all the loot sqirreled away in secret places around the huge building. Except for one piece. No one would reveal the hiding place of the Crystal Skull. That's because, to the people of Tenochtitlan, and of the whole of Mexico, it was much more than just a gemstone.

For this object was considered sacred. It possessed powers given directly from the Gods. To let it fall into the hands of the conquerors was impossible to imagine. One day, in the near future, in order to drive the Spanish away, they would call on the power within the Crystal Skull to assist them in their moment of need. But that mumbo-jumbo doesn't scare you and your friends. Now you're more determined than ever, as you set out to track down this incredible jewel. First you'll return to the capital, and then, by following the clues, you'll make your way through the jungle before ending up at the Palace of Axayacati. Here, you'll begin the search in earnest, studying every tiny clue. But beware. Other conquistadors, under the butcher, Pedro de Alvarado, have now got wind of your plan. They too, want the crystal skull. They'll soon arrive, and then, if you haven't found it and made your getaway, you'll be in big trouble. Buena suerte!