Japan Online

We find ourselves transported back to feudal Japan in the twelfth century at the house of a Kamakura shogun. As usual the house is full of Samurai who act as guards. The daimyo are visiting and have bought not only their own Samurai, but also the dreaded Ninja spies. We know that within these walls of fine rice paper, and woven bamboo matting, the shogun keeps a closely guarded treasure....the Ashikaga Samurai sword. But there's been a commotion. The Geisha are whispering that it's been stolen! In order to find it, you'll need to move with stealth and speed, collecting coins and tokens along the way. You have only one hour to sort through all the clues. Failure means saying Sayounara with the sharp edge of a Katana. Ganbatte! Read more...

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of Japan online escape room

We played in the Japanese room, which said it was moderately heavy. I already liked the theme of the room in itself. The room was very imaginative even online, we had a lot of fun, I can only recommend it.
We enjoyed this online escape room, although the puzzles were too hard for us. Maybe next time we try an easier one.
Found it a bit expensive for the first time, so we tried it as team building and let the boss pay for it. We hadx a good time.
Nice game, greetings to the host for the hard work! This was our second game, and will be back for more!
A little travel in time and space. I imagined an online game to be less enjoyable, but having a real host in the game gives it a blast! Just so much more than a software.

Japan storyline

Keeping your traditional straw hat pulled down to cover your face as much as possible, you make your way up the muddy path towards the Shogun's Palace. Being Spring time, the sakura lining the roads are in full blossom, with their fragrant pink petals leading the way. The towering and imposing building rises up, as you find yourself walking over the wooden drawbridge towards the main gate. Showing the Samurai guards the urgent letter you just received from the Shogun himself, they salute stiffly and motion that you pass into the courtyard. One of these Samurai soldiers runs ahead to tell of your arrival.

You are invited into a private washitu room where you remove both coat and shoes before being seated on the tatami floor mat. Ryokucha is bought in by a blushing geisha, who stays to pour and then leaves, bowing as she departs. Looking around, the walls of rice paper are decorated with exquisite prints of sumptuous landscapes and fine calligraphy. Suddenly, the shoji door slides open without a sound, and there stands the Shogun, surrounded with his own personal Samurai bodyguards.

After a tense meeting, you are now alone once more. It transpires that the Shogun's most prized possession, the Ashikaga Sword, has gone missing. Steeped in history, this hand forged katana has fought in many bloody battles. For the Shogun, it represents much more than just a weapon. A myth tells that it's presence in the palace ensures that the Shogunate will prosper. He's certain that theft is involved and has imposed strict rules for all the palace staff as well as the guards.

But the palace building is already home to many who do not belong there. Samurai of different clans come and go as they please. Likewise, the nights appear to have Ninja lurking in every shadows. Everyone knew where the Ashikaga Sword was on display. So when the Konoe Shidan guards changed shifts, taking the sword undetected would of been child's play. But with the sword gone, a strange atmosphere now pervades the corridors and hallways of the palace. Until the case is solved, everyone remains under suspicion.

The Shogun has tasked you with finding the Ashikaga Sword and returning it to it's display case. Whoever has it, they will not of been able to smuggle it out of the palace, as watchful guards are searching all those leaving. The only way in or out is the heavily guarded front gate, the Sakurada-mon. Going to the sword's own display room, you'll find it in exactly the same condition as at the time of the theft being reported. No one has been allowed to enter the room.Two Samurai stand guard outside. Hopefully, this means that any evidence will still be here.

You'll need to examine the room carefully for clues, so as not to miss any parts that make up the whole puzzle. As you move forwards, remember to collect any coins or tokens that might be useful later on. Look in every nook and corner and don't assume anything. Examine every tapestry and wall scroll. All the clues as to where it's been taken are hidden within these four walls of fine shoji paper. You have one hour to find the katana. As you can imagine, the Shogun will not be pleased if you fail. Failure could well cost you a lot more than just your job. Ganbatte!