Tips & Tricks To Win Escape Room Games


Being an escape room company, it's no surprise that we have a huge number of tips and tricks to help players achieve a possible 90% escape room escape rate. This is based on the rooms that we see customers come to play here at ExitTheRoom. We've broken these tips down into teamwork categories to help you solve all the puzzles and clues efficiently, allowing you and your team to achieve the satisfaction of completing the game within the  set time limit. It’s part and parcel of the escape room genre, that you’ll discover just how well you can all work as a team.  

Make A Team

We suggest that you make a team with either your workmates, family or friends. Of course, you could turn up at an escape room game on your own, in which case you would be put together with strangers. Obviously, if you’re over 25 years old, you might find it a bit galling to be playing with the family and their little kids. There would be a huge clash of teamwork goals and strategies, and probably personalities. Working with a team of people you're familiar with will make communication, which is an essential factor in solving all the puzzles   and clues, that much faster and easier. It means that you are all more likely to be on the same wavelength. And remember that you’re there to have fun. So familiarity is a big plus in this regard.

Play At Fewer Than Maximum Recommended Team Size

Many Escape room games will stipulate the maximum number of players that can realistically play together and still have an immersive and enjoyable experience. Remember, if you are playing at this maximum number, then you'll have to deal with physical crowds. This in itself may not allow enough time for everyone to work together. They're bound to be less “Eureka” moments, as well as the additional time expense of getting everyone up to speed. Whatever the maximum number of players stipulated, we suggest that you only play with between 50% - 75% of this capacity. We also strongly suggest that you book a private room as opposed to being forced to share the excitement experience with people you don't know

Work Together As A Team

Whilst immersed in playing it's very easy to get stuck on a single puzzle. You may find a lot of time passes and you're still unable to figure out the solution. In cases like this, rather than waste more time on them, simply try and enlist another person in your team to have a go. This is one way that ensures the puzzle is not simply left and forgotten. And in another way, it allows a new pair of eyes to have a go at every unsolved puzzle. You can pass the buck in this way to as many people in the team that struggle to figure it out. Eventually one, or some of you, will figure it out, providing that all the relevant information is available. If no one can solve it, then it's time to ask the games master for a hint. By the way, there's no shame in that.

Listen To Your Teammates

One factor we see over and over again, that holds back teams from completing the game within the set time limit, is that they fail to try everything in relation to solving a particular puzzle or clue. What may seem as a bad idea or a pointless one, may in fact, lead to the answer. Every idea should be encouraged and explored, providing the results are not irreversible. You never know in an escape room exactly what ideas or thinking might bring you closer to finding the correct solution. By giving everyone a voice for their opinions, no matter how crazy, it will serve to increase the probability of escaping in time. And also it's great fun to try crazy and bonkers ideas

Yell Out Loudly Whatever You Discover

We've seen enough games played to realise that probably the most important factor in success is the ability to communicate clearly and quickly.  The escape rooms can get very chaotic with everyone running around looking for a means of solving their particular puzzle.  But if someone does find the answer, then it's important they don't hold back, but shout out loudly exactly what they've discovered. This may include things such as a key and a lock, or a code pattern that has appeared in several places. By loudly shouting out your discovery, you will be helping others. So don’t be shy about raising your voice.

Work On What Other Players Aren’t Working On

Karl Marx would be proud if you could work on how to implement a division of labour. In order to utilise each team member for maximum efficiency, it's important that you work on what other people are not working on. You'll be amazed how many games fail simply because someone left a puzzle undone and it was subsequently forgotten. Only later when it was needed, did everyone realise that this was the reason why they couldn't proceed. In other words, it’s best if everyone busies themselves on their own task.

Don’t “Clump” Around The Same Puzzle

Following on from above, don't become a spectator looking at others as they try and solve the puzzles or look for clues. It's important that the whole team spreads out and works on everything that needs to be done. Of course, if there's just one puzzle remaining, it's a great idea to encourage everyone to brainstorm together for a solution. 

Manage Puzzle Items

In virtually all escape rooms there is never use for more than one lock. Therefore it makes sense to leave the correct key in its lock. This will save you a huge amount of time and also stop you from tearing your hair out in frustration as you try and figure out which keys have been used and which have not. You may well accidentally lock up an object again. If a key is used twice or more, then this will probably be a last resort option.

Make A “Discard Pile”

In order to keep an eye on what has been done and what has not, it's important to separate different objects of the game into an “unused” and “used” pile.  This will save a huge amount of time and stop people from reexamining objects over and over again. Also by laying out different objects, it may help with some clues by allowing the team to connect different objects together visually.

Order Objects And Clues

Tidiness and order are essential if you want to solve the escape room within the time limit.  So please make an effort to keep all related objects together so you can find them straight away or when you need them. For example, stack all related books together. Keep all loose objects placed on a single table in the room. Ensure that all the keys are together in a single location. Also  try not to have team members move clues and puzzles from room to room,  and this will only create confusion.

Escape room games are all about a race against time. As soon as the clock starts it is essential that all team members are on the same page when it comes to maintaining order and tidiness. It only takes one misplaced or lost answer to a clue, and the game will end without your team or being victorious. So please ensure that the whole team has agreed on a process whereby clues and puzzles can be stored, depending on whether they have been completed or not.

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