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Jump aboard our live video stream from anywhere in the world. Whether you're playing solo or as a team, essentially you're plugging yourself into a physical Games Master whose situated in the actual escape room itself. See through his eyes as you pull the strings, controlling his every move as you search for clues and race to complete your 60 minute adventure.

Online Escape Room Teambuilding
Online Escape Room Teambuilding

A Real Time Adventure is Just a Mouse Click Away

Remote Escape Rooms are the perfect innovation for team building. Simply log on, choose your room, and you're good to go. They can be played from anywhere around the globe, and offer refreshing and inventive ways of problem solving. So it's no surprise that they have rapidly become the most sought after, as well as the coolest, corporate trend in team building over the last few years.

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Basic or Premium?
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by Zoom meeting
£ 109 /Game
119 /Game
$ 139 /Game
  • Play form the comfort of you home
  • Group chat
  • Software download required
  • One-hour fun with your remote friends
Basic skin
Premium skin
Premium icon
by Twilio
£ 119 /Game
129 /Game
$ 154 /Game
  • Everything in basic +
  • Play directly from your browser
  • Shared notes
  • Custom game skins
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Online Escape Rooms

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How Does it Work?
The online escape room gives you the opportunity to try a new generation of escape games - and all without leaving the comfort of your home. The Remote Escape Room brings you and your friends the uplifting experience of getting together but without violating social distancing principles. Simply connect online and choose your escape room. A professional Game's Master on site will act as your eyes and ears. Using a webcam, you are able to control their actions via instructions. Tell them where to search, what to open and what to use in your quest for clues and puzzle solving connections. All member of your team can join in simultaneously and work towards your common goal as the clock mercilessly counts down the minutes.Get ready for the unexpected in this thrilling but fun adventure!
What do You Need To Play The Game Online?
Along with a decent Internet connection, you'l be needing a device with both a camera and a microphone. This can be a laptop, PC, tablet or even a smartphone. We suggest that you use either head phones or ear buds to ensure that you can hear the other players clearly along with being able to subdue any distracting external noises. Though you can play across all the mentioned devices without problem, you may find the screen size offered by a phone to be limiting. Without a doubt, a larger screen will allow for a more submersive and enjoyable experience. Also try and use the best quality source of internet connection as streaming does require large amounts of data.
How many people can play at the same time?
The ideal number of players is 2-6 people.
What kind of internet do i need for the play?
The faster the better. With a connection that allows uninterrupted video chatting, the game will also run smoothly. Due to the high data traffic, it is worth connecting through wifi rather than mobilnet.
I Don't Have a Webcam. Can I still Play?
Absolutely! Your webcam allows you to broadcast yourself to other players. Though this does make communication easier, you can play perfectly well without a webcam.
Can more people play on one equipment or phone?
If you are at the same place, of course. On the other hand, online escape rooms also give you the opportunity to play with your distant acquaintances and friends.
Do I Need to Install any Software for the Game?
No. You'll receive a link from the Escape Room, just click on it and you'll join the streaming game.
How much it takes to play an online game?
An online game takes 60 minutes to play.
How can I pay?
You have the option of paying with Sofort Banking or PayPal.
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Online Escape Room Games

We can connect you and your friends to exciting escape room adventures without you ever having to leave your home. Simply click a link and you'll find yourselves locked inside one of our many custom rooms. Utilize the Game Master's shared webcam. They will be your eyes and ears as they follow your instructions, searching for clues, solving puzzles and figuring out the connections that'll allow you and your team to move forwards.