The Characteristics of a Good Team


Working in teams is a basic work requirement for many jobs. A few years ago, you would be simply thrown in with a group of diverse individuals and it was a kind of "everyone for themselves" setup. The dynamics were left to the team with the result that some would outshine others, who would then take part less and less. today, with more sophisticated methods based around behavioural studies, we can see that team building has a number of important factors that must fall into place if we want a team that's motivated and happy. In this article, we going to be looking ahead of the team-building process and seeing what a good outcome would be from the point of view of the perfect team.

Clear Goals - This means that the goals have been understood by all. It's essential that the team goals are clear to everyone. Communicating these goals is important. be open to any queries or questions. 

Driven by Results - Have the team decide its goals. This way they are committed to something they agreed upon.

Competent Team Members - Each team member must have the skills necessary to perform the tasks at hand.

A Collaborative Climate - Working together in a productive environment.

Quality driven results - Having standards of excellence

Support and Recognition - Regular appraisals and appreciation to improve morale.

Principled Leadership - Fair, noble and kind. Keeps the team together and focused.

Encourage "Out of the Box" thinking - This is another means of creative thinking in practice. With so much competition among companies, it's an essential ingredient to beating the opposition. no matter how wild an initial idea might be, never shoot anyone's idea's down. Be respectful and always listen carefully. Many great decisions started as a seemingly insignificant seed of an ideas. And then blossomed into somethingmuch bigger. 
No passing the Buck - Because everyone understands what needs to be done, then they can all take the initiative.
Mutual Trust and Respect - This is an essential ingredient of any successful team. Much of this can be put down directly to the style of leadership.
Risk-Taking - Acting in a conservatory manner never achieved anything. By helping your team grow in confidence, they will be happy to take risks. Remember that this confidence is not just that needed to take the initial risk, but also to deal with any fallout or consequences. 
Supportive of Each Other - The team is but a single unit, and the support each member gives another is the glue that helps hold them together.
Decision Making as a Team - All members have an equally important say in the decision-making process. There must be mutual respect, even when there are differences of opinion. Logic should always preside. Those members who feel differently or would prefer another route should always be listened to carefully. No one should feel "less than" simply because they have a different approach.
Realistic Deadlines - This is really about central planning to allow enough time for a job to be not only completed with the allotted time frame but also done well enough that those responsible can have a sense of pride.

For a workplace team to function at its optimum, there needs to be clear leadership. This implies great communication as well as a "can do" attitude. Making everyone feel appreciated also goes a long way. If you are able to impliment most of the above factors, then you'll have yourself a great group of individuals and a great team.

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