Modern Escape Room Ideas


Traditionally, the escape room game industry started by basing itself in buildings that had been proposed for the gameplay. With owners concentrating on keeping the costs as low as humanly possible, you’ll find that many escape room businesses are working out of basements. On the whole, these are the cheapest work spaces on the industrial property market place. But since Covid-19 introduced the idea of social distancing, any business owners have had to rethink their whole venture. This led to a huge boom in online escape room games which are played remotely over a conference app like Zoom. but now that we are gradually making a return back to normality, some of the new thinking has led to new versions of the old game. Let’s have a deeper look at some of these new methods to play the traditional escape room game.

Mobile Escape Rooms in Buses

I think it's fair to say that the mobile escape room is certainly not a new phenomenon and we're sure that many families are familiar with playing them. Having said that, the mobile, op up, or portable escape room game is still a relative rarity when compared to how common the stationery escape rooms are. But it's certainly a relatively new twist on the genre that you can now play a complete escape room game in within the confines of a bus. 

There are a few different ways to play in a bus. But what’s essential is that the plot, story, or narrative is good enough for the players to be transported within a totally immersive experience somewhere within the bus. An example might be that the bus is actually a prison bus for prisoners. For some reason they are able to grab that chance at freedom and have to escape before some terrible fate befalls them when the clock runs down the allotted time. You won't find many mobile games on buses and this is simply because of the investment of prop building and preparing the bus, as well as the initial cost of the vehicle that makes the whole exercise a costly investment. As an owner, if you were to buy a used bus and convert it, you still need to pay out for the buses upkeep, maintenance and repairs.

Nevertheless, we still like the idea of real transportation of the players on a bus. because the players will feel the movement of the bus when it’s moving, this will give them an amazing sense of immersion into the games atmosphere. Providing the narrative or story is competently designed and told in a believable manner, then you will without a doubt have a huge hit on your hands

Eyes Closed Escape Games

OK, you might think that we're pushing the envelope a little bit here, but bear with us. Even for the most hardcore escape room games players find that playing with closed eyes is going to be something quite different. the gameplay works as follows:

At the entrance of the escape room you are blindfolded. This blindfolding is a pretty serious affair because there is no way you can see anything either through it or around it. You're then led by the hand into the actual games room. Now the Game’s Master will start to narrate the beginnings of a story, which will be told part by part, throughout the game. In the same way that a heightened sense of fear can be created in a well-crafted horror movie by what you don't see, as opposed to what’s showing on the screen. Because you are without sight, all your other sensors are on high alert. So when the narrator says that a car has just left, and you hear the squeal of its wheels, it’s all totally believable. Likewise, if you're told that you are standing in a forest, you will smell the pine needles, which will put your imagination in a forest as well. If an axe murderer is swinging an axe close to you, you will be splashed with blood, and feel something hot and wet running down on your arm. 

In the eyes closed escape room games you will have to make choices that will influence how the plot develops. Though the gameplay  format is highly unusual, wherever it’s played, it has proved to be a huge hit. After the experience, players report that without a sense of vision, the whole experience becomes much more immersive, and the sense of realism is heightened thanks to being forced to rely on all your other senses. Many players report that they actually felt afraid for the first time when playing an escape room game, even though many have played through some of the most horror focused games in the marketplace. That's because without sight, the game plays to the player’s vivid imagination.

Action Games And Sports Escape Rooms

In some ways this is an excuse to combine sports with escape games to create a hybrid experience. Yes, we know that sounds bonkers, but the idea is that, as part and parcel of the escape room game, players need to show stamina and physical fitness in order to reach the end of the game and claim the prize. With these more physical escape room games there is a backstory with fitting physical elements that drives the players forward. Unfortunately, a game of this sub-genre will require a lot of space and as a result it means that these games tend to be quite expensive. On the up side, it's true that many people can play at the same time.

The design of action games and sport escape room games puzzles need to take into account not only the intellectual task, but also physical ones as well. The idea is that, though in a traditional escape room game, you're using your brain most of the time, with action games and sports games you're using both brain and brawn. These games don't just appeal to the physically gifted or those looking for a workout. You will find that many players who are used to the traditional escape room game, find those can be a little boring as they  require only logic. But having to use both logic, and run around and perform physical tasks, is a welcome tonic for the usual escape room games fanatic.

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