Benefits of the Escape Room Experience for Children


In these strange days of Covid lock-downs, finding things to do to keep the kids happy can be quite a chore. So the easiest thing is to stick a screen of some sort in front of their faces, whether the TV, a tablet, or a phone. And it works! But sometimes, we should probably put more effort into trying to improve the lives of our young ones. So there's no reason not to find a local escape room and spend an hour together finding clues and solving puzzles. Escape room games seem ready-made for entertaining youngsters, whilst at the same time allowing them to interact together. These types of games come with nothing but benefits for children. So, without further ado, let's have a look at the ways escape room games can be beneficial for your kids.

Physical Activity

Being much older, we think it's fair to point out that today's kids don't have enough physical activity. Like being sat in front of the types of screens we mentioned above. Among other things, this has led to an alarming increase in the number of children officially classed as obese. So, rather than insisting on some heavy sports, why not suggest an escape room. Yes, we know that it's not the same as doing sports, but it'll get the kids off the sofa and out the front door. Once they're out of the house, then half the battle is won. Believe us, once they play one escape room game, they'll be hooked.

Help Develop Communication Skills

Escape room games are designed for teamwork. between 2 - 8 players can tackle all the puzzles and find clues that'll help propel them forwards towards finding a means of escape. For this to happen as smoothly as possible, then working together is of paramount importance. After all, you are all facing a time limit of one hour. Being able to communicate clearly and precisely is going to help you go forwards together. On the whole, children can be more self-centered, so having to communicate and deal with other players is going to be a great character-building process. Coupled with a sense of teamwork, escape games offer practical solutions to selfish behavior. Learning to both interact and respect the opinion of others will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Engage the Mind and Imagination

Escape room games are much more than making the motor skills keener. They also need those little grey cells put to use. For children, escape rooms create a great opportunity for them to exercise their mental capacity and learn how to think laterally, or outside the box. Though being quick to solve puzzles is certainly a skill in itself, each time a child has to think differently about a puzzle or clue, the more "brain food" he's producing. Considering that all escape room games come with a background story, it's no surprise that for children, this allows them to utilize their imaginations much more than adults tend to.

Bonding Experience

As they say, sharing is caring. So sharing quality time as a family unit is a positive experience for all involved. Because of the very nature of the overall experience, escape room games offer a family bonding experience in spades. As opposed to being sat silently in a cinema, for example, an escape room game can get all the participants working and communicating together in a much more hands-on manner. Players will need to talk together, as well as working together towards finding solutions. In the end, it'll represent another great family memory to be cherished.

Break The Routine

Getting stuck in a rut is a very easy place to find yourself. You just end up doing the same activities over and over. For kids, it can be the same daily routine as well. Remember when you were a kid and how easy it seemed to get bored. Especially during school holidays, time can appear to go so slowly and the days lasting forever. Well, nothing is going to break the monotony as much as an escape room game. Because the games are completely immersive, then there's no room for young minds to wander onto other things. They will immediately be captivated and it'll give both the kids and the parents a much-needed break. 

Check If The Local Escape Room Is Child Friendly

Because escape room games are aimed at all types and ages of customers, there's always the chance that a business might not cater to youngsters. This just means that the level of gameplay including the puzzles and clues are for more mature players. Many larger premises will probably have a greater selection of games including those for the younger member of your party. If you're unsure, then we suggest that you phone ahead to ensure that the games are targeted towards the right age group.

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