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Xmas Voucher - The perfect gift for everyone this Christmas
Xmas Voucher - The perfect gift for everyone this Christmas

Exit The Room, the real Escape Game

Thanks to our revolutionary technology, you can now experience all the excitement of playing a real life escape room, but from the comfort of your own sofa. Join our live online game and let yourself be guided by our ever helpful games masters, who'll help you navigate through all the clues and puzzles.

All our rooms have been especially designed to give maximum enjoyment whist racking your brains trying to solve our original clues and mind-teasing puzzles. Whether you're playing alone or with a group, we guarantee that the fascinating game-play will have you talking about your unique experience for days.

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Online Escape Games
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franchise system?

Online Escape Games
8 years experience in the escape room industry
Online Escape Games
Unique booking system specially developed by our own IT division
Online Escape Games
Professional sales and online marketing team
Online Escape Games
Strong and stylish well known brand
Online Escape Games
Best price/value games in the world!
Online Escape Games
White label online escape room solutions for everybody
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About Us

We were among the first escape room providers to take the business global. And the response has been nothing short of overwhelming. Since opening the world's first escape room in 2012,, we can now be found in 3 different continents, and 7 different countries. All in all, there are 63 games in 22 venues that operate under the Exit The Room franchise system.

Always ahead of the game, we developed Remote Escape Rooms, which allow players to participate in online escape games via live video. These games can now be played from anywhere in the world, and all are hosted in our escape room centers all over Europe.

We are a young, dynamic and friendly bunch, who are always on the lookout for new means to improve the customer experience. We do this by listening to your feedback, as well as developing new opportunities, in order to continuously expand our escape room and related businesses.

Escape Room Blog

The Great Escape Artist Harry Houdini The Great Escape Artist Harry Houdini

Born Ehrich Weisz in Budapest in 1874, he was one of six children. His father was a Rabbi, Mayer, and his other's name was Cecilia Steiner. Two years later, the father was to emigrate to the US, following the dream of a better life...

Some Escape Room Puzzles and Clues Some Escape Room Puzzles and Clues

At ExitTheRoom, we love all things around the theme of escape room games. Having played thousands of games with a countless number of players, we are in a great position to delve into the subject of escape room clues.

Learn How to Escape from Quicksand Learn How to Escape from Quicksand

Apparently, almost everything we learned about falling into quicksand from the movies is wrong. On celluloid, after falling in, the poor actor gradually sinks deeper and deeper until the last part we see is but a single hand reaching up, before it too, becomes submerged...

Horror Escape Rooms Horror Escape Rooms

With Halloween soon to be upon us, it's only natural that our wicked minds should turn to terrifying as many people as possible. Though October the 31st normally involves ungrateful little kids knocking at front doors demanding candy, this season is going to be very different.

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Escape Rooms all over the world

If you're like many thousands of our customers, then we have the best escape rooms just for you. Racing against a clock, whilst trying to find clues and solve puzzles, makes for an exciting and gripping game. You'll reach deep for skills and qualities you never knew you had. And if you're playing with friends or colleagues, then there are few activities that'll focus your combined energies on a team working solution.

For over a decade, escape rooms have been our passion. From concept to production, we speak the language of this obsession. Starting from a hobby, we have carefully built up an escape room brand that now expands across the globe. We love what we do and strive to provide the best possible experience for the customer, both in terms of enjoyment and as a memorable adventure.