Exit The Room, the real Escape Game

Get a real-life escape game experience without standing up from your sofa! Join the live, online game, our game masters will be on-site, equipped with a camera. They will be your eyes and arms trough the game.

You have to search for clues and solve all the mind-blowing puzzles in order to solve the mysteries. The rooms and our premium platform are specially designed to host online escape games, the revolutionary technology added to our cheerful and awesome Game Masters will create a fascinating gameplay experience. 100% fun guaranteed!

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Online Escape Games
Escape Games
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Online Escape Games
8 years experience in the escape room industry
Online Escape Games
Unique booking system specially developed by our own IT division
Online Escape Games
Professional sales and online marketing team
Online Escape Games
Strong and stylish well known brand
Online Escape Games
Best price/value games in the world!
Online Escape Games
White label online escape room solutions for everybody
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About Us

Exit The Room is one of the first escape room providers globally, and since the 2012 opening of our first venue, we have opened escape rooms on 3 different continents and 7 different countries. There are 63 games in 22 venues operated currently under the Exit The Room Franchise system.

Our latest unique development is Remote Escape Rooms, which is a Live video online escape room game solution, that is played throughout the globe and is hosted from our escape room centers all over Europe.

Our youg, professional and friendly team is continouosly looking for development opportunities and expanding not only in the escape room industry, but in the broader entertainment industry.

Escape Rooms all over the world

Escape rooms are for You if you love active recreation. You'll solve problems by using your brain differently than usual. Everything is connected. Your job is to read between the lines and find and interpret the hidden clues of the escape room. This gripping game requires amazing teamwork and excellent communication. Playing in an escape room will awake the hidden talents and skills of You and Your teammates. You’ll be more bounded after this exciting adventure, so give it a try!

Our team behind Exit the Room is obsessed with escape rooms. This enthusiasm is what led us to build a company out of our hobby and open our first escape room in Budapest. Thanks to our momentum, we have escape rooms in 14 cities of 4 different countries.